Custom Software Development

An off-the-shelf product is built to meet the needs of a generic audience i.e. thousands of organisations, therefore will only have the very basic functions to meet the majority needs. Some of the features will be relevant to some of the organisations but not for others, because they simply do not apply to the way they work.

Every business is unique and operates differently to every other business, therefore an off-the-shelf product may not be a good investment/ROI (Return On Investment) if it does not do exactly 100% what your business requires. If you have to change your business processes simply to fall in line with the way other businesses work, then as a business you need to ask a question if that is a right solution for you. If it is not, this is where bespoke software should be considered.

A bespoke solution is created to work exactly the same way that you work; therefore it is only with bespoke software development that you can incorporate all your requirements and automate all your business processes using single software.

How do you get there?
Searching for a new software solution can be a complex thing. The best practice is to get the basics right first. Do not start with bells and whistles. It is easy to be taken in by hyped up features which sound great, but to start with, understand that what you need is a fit-for-purpose system, that is scalable over its lifetime, to deliver what you are trying to achieve.

Firstly, think of the process rather than the technology. Once the business process is understood, the technology and most appropriate solution can be chosen to suit your business.

Focus on what you need and not what you want. Explore, take a look around and compare different services/products against your needs. Ask yourself if it is capable of delivering your goals? Keep it simple, and ensure you look at true ROI for your business. You can waste far too much time, money and effort going round in circles if you are not clear on what you require and some of the organisations you approach.

Remember, just because someone else is using a feature does not automatically mean that it is appropriate for your business. Be careful with companies who want to sell you a complete solution when all you need is something much simpler. Accept something that is built to meet your requirements and support your business processes that will deliver your goals.

Benefits of Custom Software
Bespoke softwae solution can help your business:
✓  Maintain consistent and reliable business data
✓  Increase the speed of data processing
✓  Streamline your existing business processes with the most appropriate application of information technology
✓  Make decisions — bespoke software can bring you all the most recent and relevant information on
which to base decisions
✓  Accurately track exactly what is happening within your business
✓  Enforce business rules and procedures
✓  Realise it's full potential and keep that step ahead of the competition.
✓  Solve a unique problem
✓  Reduce staff training
✓  Improve efficiency, productivity and workflow
✓  Save time and money
✓  Rich a unique position in a market
Custom Software Development
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